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Whether Everything is Subject to the Providence of God?

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Now we begin to discuss the scope of Divine providence.

He begins this article by listing the various opinions as to the scope of Divine providence. It is rare to find anyone today who denies Divine providence. The fact of providence is rarely debated. Rather, the main locus of debate becomes the scope of providence. Are we to say, with Cicero, that God's providence only extends to inanimate things to preserve the freedom of the rational creature? Or, are we to say, with Rabbi Moses, that God's providence only extends to the rational creature as not to sully God's dignity with the care of lesser things?

Revelation shows us the error in both these ways and wholeheartedly declares the universality of God's providence over all things, both small and great. For, Our Lord tells us in the gospels that he cares for sparrows and the flowers in order to argue *a fortiori* that he must also care for the needs of men.

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