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Volume I (Prologue), II.I (On Enjoyment) to Bl. Scotus' magisterial Ordinatio is out. In it, he writes as a theologian, rivaling many of the great Medieval Scholastic theologians. He shows his precision, theological acumen, and boundless knowledge of the Fathers and philosophers. Further, Bl. Scotus interacts with many of the scholastic theologians contemporaneous to him, including Henry of Ghent and St. Thomas Aquinas. 


This book gives a hands on approach to apologetics. It is set in the form of a dialogue, wherein we see a master apologist apply the arguments for the existence of God, and defend these arguments from objections. A necessary read for anyone who is engaging in apologetics with atheists.

Fr. Koch provides us here with a manual that is succinct, yet comprehensive, easy to understand, while also being detailed. This is perfect for theologically inclined laymen to become formed in the practice of Apologetics, providing a "one-stop-shop" to defend a wide range of doctrines of the Catholic faith, from the existence of God, to the Papal claims, to the authority of Tradition, to the authenticity of scripture.


This work is indispensable for anyone interested in the Perpetual Virginity debate, treating biblical and historical data from a reputed biblical and historical scholar (who happens to be a Protestant).

Davenant here, against those of the stricter "Limited Atonement" school provides a robust defense of the universal extent of Christ's atonement as to its sufficiency. In this, he outlines a truly Catholic vision of the atonement, drawing from the Fathers of the Church and the Medieval Scholastics.

This work provides a polemic against Reformed arguments for a limited atonement from someone who knew the Reformed quite well (even being a delegate at the famous Synod of Dort).


Hunter's Dogmatic Treatises

Since Hunter's 3 Volume Outlines of Dogmatic Theology is a bit lengthy, I have decided to reprint each treatise in itself, for a quick, easy to read, 50-75 page Dogmatic treatise: Defending Christian Revelation, Scripture and Tradition, The Roman Pontiff.

A short introduction to the method and history of Scholasticism.


A 300 page, ultra-condenced Dogmatic Theology that is perfect for beginners.

Introduction to Thomistic Metaphysics in manual format. 


Introduction to Thomistic Logic in manual format.

Introduction to Thomistic Moral Theology in manual format.

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Introduction to Thomistic Moral Theology in manual format.