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Theology Books


Bl. Scotus' Ordinatio

Project to print Simpson's english translation of Bl. Scotus' Ordinatio in English. So far, we have done: Volume 1: On Revelation and Theology; Volume 2, part 1: On Enjoyment; Volume 2, part 2: On the Existence and Unity of God

Hunter's Outlines of Dogmatic Theology

Intermediate English Manual of Theology. Volume 1 (Hardcover); Volume 2 (Hardcover); Volume 3

Additionally, we've been reprinting each tract into a short 50-75 page option: Defending Christian Revelation; Scripture and Tradition.

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By Charles Coppens. Beginner level manual in Catholic Theology.

By Joseph Rickaby. Introduction to the history of Medieval Scholasticism.


By F.J. Koch. Beginner level manual in Catholic Theology.


By Charles Coppens. A full course of scholastic philosophy and theology at a begginer level. Includes A Brief Text-Book of Logic and Mental Philosophy, A Brief Text-Book of Moral Philosophy, and A Systematic Study of the Catholic Religion.

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