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New Aquinas Academy 

In 1945, Fr. Austin Woodbury started the Aquinas Academy in order to spread the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas beyond the halls of Catholic Seminaries and to the laity. This mission of lay theological education has been a central focus of the magisterium for the last century, especially in the pontificate of Pope Pius XI (cf.,Divini Illius Magistri) and in the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (cf.,Gravissimum Educationis).

It this mission that I seek to continue by forming the New Aquinas Academy. For many young Catholics, their theological education consists in the bits and pieces they pick up from apologetics videos. This is clearly not enough for a systematic education that seeks to, 1. Present the whole body of Catholic truth in its connection with the natural body of truths (philosophy), 2. Form the right habit of doing theology, one that is contemplative and scientific, and 3. Places theology in a right relationship to the lex orandi and lex vivendi 

What is my solution? To learn from the Common Doctor of the Catholic Church. Few know that St. Thomas has a collection of short opuscula that covers the basics of Catholic prayer, life, theology, and philosophy. We will slowly read and discuss these works in order to form ourselves in his manner of thought.

These discussion will take place in a Discord group which you can join here.

Most importantly, I want to make participation in these reading groups COMPLETELY FREE. Many of those interested are from the ages of 16-25 and I don't want to provide any barrier to their interest in the Catholic tradition. Thus, this apostolate will be run completely on donor support. Those who wish to support can do so by clicking on the Donate button below.

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