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Whether there are more than three persons in God?

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cf., Sent.I.D10.Q1.A5, Sent.I.D33.Q1.A2.Rep1, SCG4.C26, QDePot.Q9.A9, CT.BookI.C56, 60.

Here, we ask how many persons there are in the Godhead. We are easily able to deduce this from what has come before. 

For, persons are only constituted where there is real distinction. Now, real distinction follows upon real, relative opposition. Thus, where there is no opposition, there is not a multiplication of persons. Now, as we established above, there are four real relations. 

First, there is the relation of Paternity, which forms the Father. This makes one person. 

Then, there is the relation of filiation, which is really opposed to Paternity, thus, there is a second person. 

Third, there is the relation of passive spiration, which is opposed to active spiration, thus, there is a third person. 

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