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Recommended Reading List of Manuals in Philosophy and Theology

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

If you become a patron at you can get access to the works I edit in PDF. Also, you can help me out so that I am able to have more time to edit and print these manuals, and write theology that draws from their pages (also, it furthers future projects, such as audiobooks and translations I wish to engage in).

As a quick note, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so, please do use the links provided. Most of these works can be found in PDF on if you wish to have a scanned copy.

The bold texts are those I have closely read, vetted, and typeset (or will be)

Also, if you can think of any works I forgot, please do not hesitate to email me at

Finally, this list will be expanded as I do more work, so please do keep an eye out and sign up for my email list (on the pop-up that comes up on "home").

Philosophy Manuals

N.B., I have been writing a series of catechisms on philosophical topics to more widely disseminate scholastic philosophy: Logic.

Further, I have been recording introductory courses in philosophy that follows Fr. Coppen's: Logic.


Theology Manuals

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Please also look to add Msgr. Fenton's work on apologetics: "We Stand with Christ" which is currently being analyzed chapter by chapter each month in Catholic Family News. The actual text itself is online at

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Ethan Lang
Ethan Lang
24 sept 2022

Thank you for putting together this list Christian, I will definitely be purchasing most of these books from you over the next few years.

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08 sept 2022

Woodbury is amazing. Just getting into his stuff now

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