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Whether Names Which Imply Relation to Creatures are Predicated of God Temporally?

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cf., ST.I.Q34.A3.Rep2; Sent.I.D30.Q1.A1; Sent.I.D37.Q2.A3

Here, we deal with a different class of names. For, some names of God are based on things that are not eternal, e.g., "Creator," "Savior," and the like. How can we give God names that are temporal? This is the difficulty St. Thomas seeks to explain.

First, he distinguishes between three types of relation.

1. Real relation wherein the termini of the relation are ordered and dependent on one another, e.g., the relationship between the soul and body, father and son, etc..

2. Relation of reason, e.g., the relationship between a thing and itself.

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