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Whether Men are Predestined by God?

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cf., Sent.I.D40.Q1.A2; SCG3.C163; QDeVer.Q6.A1; Rom.C1.L3

This question naturally follows upon a discussion of providence, for, it is a special relation of providence, i.e., towards salvation and damnation. It can be divided into three parts, 1. Nature (A. 1-3), 2. Cause (A. 4-5), 3. Certainty (A. 6-8). 

Here, St. Thomas asks the question of whether God predestines men.

This conclusion easily followers from the the conclusion already reached about providence, since predestination is as a species of providence. Thus, we need only to show how it is distinct from the general notion. He determines this, simply, to be the distinction of end (i.e., in providence, it is the end generally, or particularly the natural end, and in predestination, it is the supernatural end specifically).

In his Sentences commentary, St. Thomas more precisely determines the nature of predestination in relation to providence. St. Thomas teaches there that there are three things which predestination adds upon the notion of providence. 

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