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Whether God Knows Things Other Than Himself by Proper Knowledge?

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cf., Sent.I.D35.Q1.A3; SCG1.C50; QDePot.Q6.A1; QDeVer.Q2.A4; LibCaus.L10

Proper knowledge is the knowledge of things as they are distinguished from others, rather than merely in general.

In order to understand the solution, we must understand that among created things, the more general is, in a certain way, less perfect since it is less determined. For, the general is potential to the specific. Thus, the genus "animal" is perfected by being determined by the specific difference, i.e., "rational." Thus, the genus is as to the matter (body) and the specific difference as to the form (soul). Further, the form is as act and the matter is as potency, the form perfecting the matter.

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