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On the Crown of Thorns

Updated: Feb 24

Taken from Medulla S. Thomae Aquinatis which arranges various short texts from St. Thomas Aquinas' corpus based on the liturgical year. I will be posting the day's meditation each day and will be bringing it into print once I'm through it.

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Friday after Ash Wednesday

On the Crown of Thorns

Go forth, ye daughters of Sion, and see king Solomon in the diadem, wherewith his mother crowned him in the day of his espousals, and in the day of the joy of his heart. (Canticle of Canticles, 3:11)

The voice of the Church invites the souls of the faithful to behold how marvelous and beautiful her spouse is. For, the daughters of Zion and Jerusalem are the same, holy souls, citizens of the celestial city, who enjoy perpetual peace with the Angels, and, by consequence, contemplate the glory of the Lord.

I. Go forth, that is, depart from the turbulent conduct of this world, to be prepared in mind to contemplate him who you love. And see king Solomon, that is, the true peace of Christ. In the diadem, wherewith his mother crowned him, that is, consider Christ who took on flesh for us, the flesh that he assumed from the flesh of His Virgin Mother. He calls the flesh a diadem because the flesh that Christ assumed for us, in death, destroyed the reign of death; in which he rose, to bring us the hope of rising again.