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How to Help Support MT

There are multiple ways monetarily to help me out (even ways that don't require direct donation), I just did this month’s accounting and we are getting very close to me working part time and then I will be able to do tons more (plenty of publishing ideas, writing ideas, video series ideas, etc.). We will win, kings.

  1. SHARE: Sharing the show, books I publish, etc., is the best way to ensure I’m able to keep things going forward, a quick retweet, review an amazon book, etc., goes a LONG way. You are the foundation of Militant Thomist.

  2. AMAZON. Everyone buys things on Amazon, and I do have affiliate links with Amazon. What you may not know is that even if you click my link within 24 hours of buying SOMETHING ELSE then I still get a cut of it. So, always remember to click one of my affiliate links before buying (here is an example link to click: )

  3. PATREON. I know it is a meme at this point, but Patreon is truly the best way of helping out, I had a few cancellations this last month so it’d really be great if we could get a few more on board (I have no minimum, so even a dollar is appreciated) that’d be great. It helps me plan for the future and you get all those good benefits, book PDF’s, extra articles/videos, and my love and appreciation. (

  4. BOOKS. Books are another bread and butter for me that makes up most of my income from MT. It helps me out, it helps you out. It is a win-win. What also helps is to go on my website and give 5 star reviews on Amazon to the books I have published. Think of it like liking one of my YouTube videos, it forces the Amazon algorithm to show my books to other people.

  5. PODCAST. Another little known fact, listening to the podcast (Apple Podcast or Spotify) is MUCH BETTER than YouTube. Ads on Podcast give about 15-20 times the revenue of YouTube ads. So if it doesn’t matter to you, switch over to Spotify/Apple Podcast (or just listen to the first 30 seconds of each of my shows on Podcast LOL)

  6. THE MUG. Get a BASED Militant Thomist Mug on my website:

  7. DIRECT DONATION. If you feel so inclined, you can also directly donate to me on PayPal (

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