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Arsenokoitai and Homosexuality

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A good work which deals with this subject more extensively than I can in a short blog post is James White's The Same-Sex Controversy


There has recently been an extremely popular argument on social media which argues for the morality of homosexuality from the biblical text. The argument is usually made by those with little to no knowledge of exegesis or the original languages and has been something repeated ad nauseum until it has gotten to the point where younger people believe it to be the infallible interpretation of the biblical text. I have had the argument leveled at me time and time again, and in this article, I will present and refute this argument. Lord willing, this will be a useful tool to those who wish to pull others out of this madness. Here it is in syllogistic form:

Whereas, the first translation to include the word homosexuality was the RSV

Whereas, the Lutherbibel used the word “boy molester” Knabenschander

Whereas, the Germans didn’t add “Homosexual” in