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A Call to Catechize

Updated: May 19, 2021

NOTE: The general outline of this post is taken from James Ussher’s Body of Divinitie, or, The Summe and Substance of Christian Religion Catechistically Propounded, and Explained, by Way of Question and Answer: Methodically and Familiarly Handled


The importance of catechesis has become clearer to me in the past year. In the past year I have worked as a catechist and in such a role I have been impressed with the importance of the practice for the life of the church. In my opinion, it is the abandonment of a rigorous life of catechesis that has brought us into the theological, moral, and ecclesiastical mess that we are currently in.

In times past, there was no “youth group,” rather there was a period of at least a half an hour of catechesis on Sundays. Further, parents who did not pass on the faith through catechizing their children were excommunicated for this serious offense. To bring about the Reformation of our churches we must step away from those methods which we currently practice that result in two thirds of young adults to apostatize, and go back to catechizing our kids.

What is Catechizing?