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"What art Thou, O my God; What art Thou, I beseech Thee, but the Lord my God? For who is Lord besides our Lord, or who is God besides our God? O Thou supreme, most powerful, most merciful, most just, most secret, most present, most beautiful, most mighty, most incomprehensible, most constant, and yet changing all things; immutable, never new and never old, and yet renewing all things; ever in action, and yet ever quiet; heaping up, yet needing nothing; creating, upholding, filling, protecting, nourishing, and perfecting all things. Thou lovest, and yet Thou art not transported: Thou art jealous, yet Thou art void of fear: Thou dost repent, yet Thou art free from sorrow: Thou art angry, and yet never art unquiet: Thou takest what Thou findest, yet didst Thou never lose anything: Thou art never poor, and yet Thou art glad of gain: never covetous, and yet Thou exactest profit at our hands. We bestow largely upon Thee, that Thou mayest become our debtor: yet who hath anything but of Thy gift? Thou payest debts when Thou owest nothing: Thou forgivest debts, and yet Thou losest nothing. And what shall I say, O my God, my life, my joy, my holy, dear delight? Or what can any man say, when he speaketh of Thee? And woe be to them that speak not of Thee, but are silent in Thy praise: for even they who speak most of Thee, may be accounted to be but dumb. Have mercy upon me, O Lord, that I may speak unto Thee, and praise Thy Name. Amen."

-St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions, lib. i. c. 4. 

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