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Why I Can't Recant (This Time)

It was inevitable. The mob has come after me. They demand I delete my twitter. They demand that my friends abandon me. They attempt to strip me of a major portion of my livelihood. I have made it a practice to always admit when I say something dumb. For those who have followed me for awhile, this has taken place twice. Yet, why not this time? This surely seems to be the strongest wave of attacks, from liberals, “Christians,” and even fellow Catholics attacks come day and night. I have had tiktoks made about me, all future job prospects are out of the window. Why not now? Well, I cannot recant this time because I said nothing wrong (a notable exception to this was my reference to 109 which I apologized and deleted when I understood the full import of the phrase).

Last night I dropped in a Twitter space and was allowed to plead my case before a few dozen people, most of which admitted that they got caught up in the hype and realized that I’m not a raging anti-semitic, misogynistic, racist. I pray that this little apologia will have a similar effect, dispelling rumors and setting forth my genuine beliefs.

There are three types of claims against me, first, that I am racist, second, that I am anti-semitic, and, third, that I am sexist. Concerning the first, the only evidence set forth is hearsay that I commented positively in response to a story where a lady made a racist remark (which, conveniently, nobody screenshotted, and “got deleted”). I don't really have many thoughts on race, haven’t commented on the issue frequently, and plainly deny the claims as calumny.