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Whether this Name, HE WHO IS, is the Most Proper Name of God?

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cf., Sent.I.D8.Q1.A1, 3; QDePot.Q2.A1; QDePot.Q7.A5; QDePot.Q10.A1.Rep9; DeDivNom.C5.L1

Here, we reach one of the gems of scholastic theology, i.e., its analysis of the tetragrammaton. For those who aren't aware, the tetragrammaton is the name that was given to Moses and said to be unspeakable in Judaism. In latin, it was translated as qui est, i.e., HE WHO IS.

As a brief note, the Catholic tradition follows the Jewish tradition in not writing out the tetragrammaton as some Protestant traditions do as "Yahweh," "YHWH," or "Jehovah" and, rather, prefer to use (as they Jews did with replacing the vowel points of the tetragrammaton) the name dominus (which is translated in the NT as κύριος), cf., [here](

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